RESPIRATORY/OXYGEN              *Available at select locations

At Midwest Family Health, our on staff Registered Nurse and Home Care Specialists are available to help you manage your respiratory needs where it is most convenient and you are most comfortable - in your own home.  We offer CPAP/BiPAP therapy, home and portable oxygen systems as well as aerosol therapy.  Our Specialists provide education and support to you and your caregiver to ensure the best possible treatment.  For quality service, our caring team of Home Care Specialists are available, 24/7/365, to current respiratory customers, to assist with questions or concerns.

After Hours Respiratory Emergency:

(785) 533-2290

CPAP and BiPAP Therapy


Restore your natural sleep pattern and wake up feeling refreshed!  CPAP and BiPAP therapy are treatments used for sleep disorder conditions that limit breathing capacity during sleep.

Home Oxygen Therapy


Oxygen concentrators provide a safe and efficient way to improve the quality of life for individuals who require supplemental oxygen.  We supply standard concentrators (1-5Lpm) as well as high-flow concentrators (up to 10Lmp) to meet your oxygen needs.

Portable Oxygen Therapy


Continue your active lifestyle with a portable oxygen system! Portable oxygen systems are designed to provide you with your prescribed oxygen flow rate while you are away from home in order to remain on the go.

Aerosol Therapy


Breathe easier...  Aerosol therapy involves using a nebulizer that is designed to convert a physician-prescribed  liquid medication into a fine mist that is inhaled into the lungs.

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Traveling with Oxygen?

Let Us Help with Arrangements!

Using supplemental oxygen doesn't have to limit your travel plans anymore! With advanced planning, you can travel safely and comfortably via any mode of transportation! Let us help you!

Portable Travel Concentrators

Available to Current O2 Patients

Our portable oxygen concentrators allow you the freedom to go almost anywhere without the fear of running out of oxygen. Contact us for more information!  

*(limited number of units available)

O2 to Go!

Cylinder Duration Calculator

Instantly calculate the estimated hours and minutes of available oxygen by the size of your cylinder, contents remaining and prescibed liter flow. Download the free app for your iPhone or Android or calculate online! Peace of mind at your fingertips!

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