HOME OXYGEN THERAPY   *Available at select locations

Oxygen concentrators provide a safe and efficient way to improve the quality of life for individuals who require supplemental oxygen. Our team of Home Care Specialists provide education and support as well as service and maintenance of your concentrator to ensure the best possible care for your respiratory needs.  We supply standard oxygen concentrators (1-5Lpm) as well as high-flow oxygen concentrators (up to 10Lmp) to meet your oxygen needs.

Traveling with Oxygen

Let Us Help with Arrangements!

Using supplemental oxygen doesn't have to limit your travel plans anymore! With advanced planning, you can travel safely and comfortably via any mode of transportation! Let us help you!

Portable Travel Concentrators

Available to Current O2 Patients

Our portable oxygen concentrators allow you the freedom to go almost anywhere without the fear of running out of oxygen.  

Contact us for more information!  

*(limited number of units available)

For quality service, our caring team of Home Care Specialists are available to current oxygen customers for after-hours emergencies:

(785) 533-2290

Overnight Oximetry Testing

Overnight oximetry is a simple test that can easily be done at your home. It provides basic information, such as heart rate and may be used to assess your blood oxygen levels to determine if oxygen therapy is needed, screen for sleep apnea or determine if prescribed treatment is working adequately.

Oxygen Safety Tips

  • Notify local fire department, gas and electric companies and telephone company when oxygen is started

  • Check to ensure smoke detectors are properly working

  • Keep oxygen at least 5-10 feet away from stoves, fireplaces, candles or any other sources of open flames

  • Avoid petroleum-based lotions and creams on face and upper chest areas; for moisturizing dry nasal passages, use water-based products 

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