CPAP and BiPAP THERAPY    *Available at select locations

Restore your natural sleep pattern and wake up feeling refreshed!

CPAP and BiPAP therapy are treatments used for sleep disorder conditions that limit breathing capacity during sleep.  CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is intended for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea as it delivers a constant level of positive air pressure. BiPAP (bi-level intermittent positive airway pressure) delivers two different levels of air pressure - a higher level of air pressure as you inhale and a lower level of air pressure as you exhale.  Our Home Care Specialists can help assess your needs and provide the appropriate machine to fit your needs. 


At Midwest Family Health, we carry a wide variety of masks such as full-face, gel nasal, nasal pillows and nasal masks.  Also available are accessories to fit your unique situation and customize your sleep therapy.


  • Mask cushions and pillows

  • Disposable filters



  • Mask (excludes headgear)



  • Headgear and chin straps

  • Tubing (standard or heated)

  • Non-disposable filters



  • Clean mask's cushion daily

  • Wash and air-dry tubing daily

  • Wash and dry mask and headgear at least twice a week

  • Wash non-disposable sponge filters weekly

  • Replace cushions or mask pillows every month

  • Replace disposable filters monthly

  • Watch for mold growth

  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean equipment

  • Do not over tighten headgear straps

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